Sadly, The Detroit Rockers are no more, may they rest in peace in soccer heaven! Playing indoor soccer they graced the National Professional Soccer League from their inception in 1990 until their final matches in 2001, playing in two arenas in downtown Detroit, the Joe Louis Arena and the Cobo, and in the suburbs they played the Auburn Hills Palace and the Compuware Arena. Their leader for some time was Andy Chapman who took on the dual role of coach and star player until, sadly, the fatter pockets of the Detroit Neon were able to attract him away in 1994. He was not their only star player of course! Who could forget big Rockers stars such as Bryan Finnerty and Draygo? In the 1991 to 1992 season the Detroit Rockers stormed to the top of the NPSL championship but when this league folded in 2001 The Rockers, sadly, went down with it. There is perhaps justice of a sort however because they did at least manage to survive for longer than their rivals The Detroit Neon who were also dragged down by the demise of their league, the CISL.




1990 -91

Reached Semi-finals


The Champions!


Failed to qualify


Reached 2nd Round


Reached 1st Round


Failed to qualify


Failed to qualify


Failed to qualify


Failed to qualify


Failed to qualify


Failed to qualify

In Memorium.

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